About us

The Nutrition Chef, Private Executive Chef & Specialized Nutrition Expert

Chef Alex's cooking staples: pink himalayan salt, FREE RANGE meats, wild caught fish, organic oils (avocado, coconut and grapeseed) and locally sourced organic farm fresh seasonal vegetables.

With Over 17 years of culinary and nutrition experience, Alex Fioroni created one of the original private meal services of its kind delivering organic, non-GMO, custom calorie meals on the go!

A Canadian Native and avid researcher of the best nutritional information mixed with the latest culinary skills, he was the first true hybrid of cooking and nutrition of his kind. Chef Alex works with professional athletes, celebrities, doctors, families and people desiring to look, feel and perform their best through proper health and nutrition.

An active Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, his goal is to change the way our general public views food and their personal health. Going ORGANIC, and NON GMO are two key passions he teaches on a daily basis. He believes in giving back to his community by helping to heal people with the POWER of food.

His Signature name “The Nutrition Chef” says it all. As a professional body builder, Chef Alex created the original “Private Meal Service Plan” in 1997 as a result of his passion for competitive body building and the love to make a difference in people’s lives. It was a program that he followed and people quickly began to notice.

In College, Alex studied Kinesiology in Ontario and moved to Calgary where he expanded his studies to include Holistic Science, Herbology, wellness, self-healing and meditation. Shortly after, he moved to Vancouver where he studied Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. In 1999, he moved to San Diego and pursuit his education receiving a Nutrition Specialist certification. His own personal experiences and background in genetic health issues paved the way for THE NUTRITION CHEF ™ meal program. “ITS ABOUT YOUR BODY, and ABOUT YOUR HEALTH,” says Chef Alex. There are NO short term solutions. It’s a LIFESTYLE change. Whether you use our service for a week or 10 years, our goal is to teach you that healthy eating can be delicious, nutritious without the anxiety associated with dieting. Your success will come from balance and getting back to the basics of real food…naturally.

Chef Alex continues to study the natural function of the human body and has teamed up with health professionals who share in the same beliefs. Dietitians, health club facilities as well as personal trainers look to Chef Alex for customized meal programs to meet their clients requirements. Each program he crafts begins with the science behind the Nutrition Chef meal programs.

A husband, father and entrepreneur Chef Alex lives by the moto “If you feel good you can accomplish anything. There is no prize on your health. Take care of your body today, and it will give you back years of happy healthy living.” His techniques are very scientific and exact. His experience is renowned and his expertise is one that will get you to your goals. Alex prides himself in making YOUR GOALS HIS GOALS.