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Heather Feeley <span class="job-title">Professional Olympic  Soccer Player</span>
Being a professional soccer player my energy is always important, thanks Alex for creating such high quality healthy meals and bars!

Heather Feeley Professional Olympic Soccer Player

C.J. Wilson <span class="job-title">MLB</span>
I have been working with The Nutrition Chef for most of my career and it carries me through the season and I look forward to hitting it hard in the off season. Thanks Alex!

C.J. Wilson MLB

A.J. Feeley <span class="job-title">NFL</span>
Thanks Alex for all the great meals! Being a professional athlete calls for only the best and when I get my package of meals and bars I know I'm going to have a healthy week. Thanks Nutrition Chef!

A.J. Feeley NFL

Will Demps <span class="job-title">Retired NFL/Business Owner</span>
Thanks Alex for being the fuel for my body, it was great working hand in hand with San Diego's Nutrition Chef.

Will Demps Retired NFL/Business Owner

Jacque Cesaire <span class="job-title">Retired NFL</span>
As a San Diego Charger veteran I have been using Alex's nutritional expertise as the guideline for my success both on and off the field. Thanks Nutrition Chef!

Jacque Cesaire Retired NFL

Roman Oben <span class="job-title">Retired NFL</span>
Thanks Nutrition Chef for allowing me to take my body to the next level through following your expertise!

Roman Oben Retired NFL

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila <span class="job-title">Retired NFL/Actor/Entrepreneur</span>
Thanks Nutrition Chef for being there as my nutritional tool during my days in the NFL and I look forward to continuing this healthy path for the rest of my life!

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila Retired NFL/Actor/Entrepreneur

John David Washington, <span class="job-title">Retired NFL/Actor</span>
I am just so thankful for the opportunity to have been working with you, this has been the key to my healthy lifestyle and has opened up my eyes to how healthy eating can taste so good!

John David Washington, Retired NFL/Actor

Hank Blalock <span class="job-title">Retired MLB</span>
Thanks Nutrition Chef™ for taking my career to the next level through better nutrition and allowing me to carry these habits for the rest of my life!

Hank Blalock Retired MLB

Rachel Brooke Smith <span class="job-title">Actress/Model</span>
Being a very active actress and dancer along needing a custom food intake, working with Alex has just made my life easier and healthier! Thanks Alex!

Rachel Brooke Smith Actress/Model